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Promoting evidence based quiline services across diverse communities in korea

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Mass media

It is important that you promote your Quitlines services effectively in the mass media (TV, Radio and national newspapers). You can use paid-for advertising and non-paid for public relations (PR). Your promotion can be targeted at national media or at regional media depending upon your reach and focus objectives.

When the accessibility of Quitline is considered, public relations (non-paid-for promotion) using mass media may be effective when you do not have funds. Public relations comprises media relations, news management, writing press releases and most importantly producing in-house magazines, case studies, speeches, articles and annual reports, publicity brochures, handouts, di-rect mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia programs.

Localized community based mass media advertising and public relations may not be practical if your Quitline is operating nationally. Under AIDA model the first goal of public relation using mass media is to raise awareness (A) of the Quitline service. And then further public relations followed to maintain an interest(I) in the services and then motivate a desire (D) to quit, culminating in obtaining action (A): making them call your quitline.

Social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Blogs etc. are another way to reach certain younger smokers.

Other PR and Promotional Activity

Outdoor promotion can use posters and other advertising on billboards, bus signs, bus stops and kiosks, and telephone directories. Other PR activity that you can use to target local papers and national media can be setting photo opportunities, organizing events, holding press conferences, mounting exhibitions and holding open days at your Quitline offices for all.

Social marketing

Social marketing is defined as a systematic application of marketing, along with other concepts and techniques, to achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good. Quitline should be considered this comprehensive approach when developing a Quitline campaign. You must develop a communication plan that considers 6 Ps - Policy, Publics, Partnerships, Product (Quitline service features), Places and the Promotional Mix (Paid-for and non-paid for media, events etc).

Always consider primary and secondary audiences. In Quitline promotion, tobacco users encouraged to call the service are the primary audience. But there are important secondary audiences as well. Friends and family members of tobacco users, local tobacco control advocates, health care providers, and policy makers make up secondary audience for Quitlines. An effective marketing campaign will strive to obtain buy-in from this audience, because these individuals can help to encourage tobacco users to call.

Another secondary audience is smokers who do not call your line but are motivated to make a quit attempt on their own. They may use self-help or access other services.