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Promoting evidence based quiline services across diverse communities in korea

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  • The APQN shall nominate and elect a Management Committee comprising:
    • Chair of APQN for a term of two years elected at the Biennial General Meeting
    • A Secretary who shall be the Head of the Secretariat for a term of four or six years elected at the Biennial General Meeting
    • Not less than 3 and not more than 5 Ordinary Committee Members


  • The Management Committee shall hold an Annual Meeting each year physically or remotely via conference call, video conferencing or other electronic means to monitor progress, discuss actions, consider new developments,  and plan strategy, tactics and operations as appropriate
  • Subject to the outcomes of the management’s Annual Meeting, the whole body of the APQN membership shall meet physically once every two years at a Biennial General Meeting to:
    • Hold a workshop to share experience and transfer knowledge,
    • Agree on policy and strategy with the Management Committee,
    • Elect a new Management Committee and
    • Discuss any other business as appropriate
  • All decisions made at the Annual Meeting and Biennial General Meetings shall be agreed by a simple majority vote of all Full Members present


  • In furtherance of the aims and objectives of the APQN, The Management Committee may exercise the power to:
    • Raise funds
    • Draw up APQN policy, strategy and operational plans for APQN membership’s approval at a Biennial General Meeting
    • Hold APQN conferences and workshops
    • Participate in appropriate tobacco or health conferences
    • Liaise and form partnerships with other organisations and networks
    • Call and hold the Annual and Biennial General Meetings
    • Conduct and facilitate research
    • Conduct any other business that is agreed by Full Members at the Biennial General  Meeting
    • Establish in Advisory Board and other committees, as necessary, or seek external advice

Amendments to the Constitution

  • Amendments to the Constitution can be made by a 2/3 majority vote of Full Members present at a Biennial General Meeting


Asian Pacific Region Area covered by WHO South East Asia and WHO Western Pacific
Annual Meeting Meeting of the Management Committee called every year
Biennial General Meeting Meeting called every two years of the whole APQN
Evidence Based Quitline A service delivered in accordance with WHO FCTC Article 14 Guidelines, Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group Reviews
Full Consultation A recorded and written process involving the seeking of opinion and input from all member Quitlines via e-mail, phone or other communication means
Full Membership A fully operational Quitline that is based in the Asian Pacific Region
Head of Secretariat Person nominated by the host Quitline   housing the Secretariat
Ordinary Committee Members A member Quitline that is elected onto the Management Committee and is not the Chair   or the Secretary
Secretariat The office, people, employees and volunteers elected to coordinate and   manage the daily business of the APQN
Transitional Membership An organisation or entity contemplating or in the process of setting up a Quitline
Transitional Period A period not less than 2 years or determined by Management Committee that is a reasonable time-frame within which to set-up a Quitline