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Promoting evidence based quiline services across diverse communities in korea

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To accomplish the purpose of delivering a Quitline that is sustainable, accessible, and effective you need in place long term strategies.

Firstly you need each national tobacco control program to consider who will be the host organization for the Quitline.

The host organization then needs to plan for available resources for the Quitline, plan pilot projects before the full launching stage, plan for extending service in initial stages, and plan for promotion at each stage to increasing call volumes. Host organizations can be governmental and nongovernmental organization.

The main criteria for selecting host agencies should be their expertise and the financial/governance fundamentals of the organization.

A well established and well run organization would be advantageous infrastructure to save cost of launching and guaranteeing continuous service.

Governmental supported organization has the advantage in getting funding and delivering the service with the full support of the government, while nongovernmental organizations attract more public goodwill and could be supported by other sources of funding.

Case examples below highlight the diversity of host organizations and funding mechanisms case below.