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Quality Assurance

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Call monitoring

Quitline managers and supervisors need to monitor staff performance on the phone lines in order to ensure quality of service and to motivate/train counselors. This is done by, continuous recording and reviewing calls to establish treatment fidelity and general demeanor of the staff during the call-are they faithful to the treatment protocol and are they using key counseling skills (show empathy, reflective listening etc)? In call monitoring, you need to assess the counselors telephone manner, customer service skills, an ability to triage calls from a wide range of callers, and their ability to give appropriate and precise of advice and support.

User satisfaction

User satisfaction may be one measure you can use to ensure the quality of your Quitline service. Therefore, it is recommended to have a periodical survey of a random sample of users to find how satisfied they are with your Quitline service. The questionnaire for this survey can include items as followed.

  • Service accessibility
  • Friendliness of counselors
  • Coaching skill of counselors
  • Contents of counseling
  • Counseling protocol (counseling period, assigned time per each counseling, overall flow of leading quit)
  • Willingness to receiving counseling again
  • Willingness to recommend the Quitline service for others