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Building Information System

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Sophisticated software can allow managers to generate a multitude of reports on important aspects of the operations and allow you to analyze staff members’ performance on the telephone. You can assess such areas as the number and length of intake or counseling sessions, percentage of time spent on a call or being available to receive one, percentage of calls answered “live”, and so on. Just as important, the software allows you the ability to manage real-time monitoring of call traffic, showing at any given moment how many staff members are logged in and available, how many are talking to callers, how many callers are in queue on each toll-free line, how long each has been waiting, and etc. All this can aid performance and introduce flexibility in your operations, making you more responsive.

Counseling program for quit

The goal of quit counseling program is to motivate smokers/ tobacco users to quit and then support them through the difficult period to remain abstinent (relapse prevention) and finally ensure in the long run to lower your national prevalence rates. Your Quitline must extend your reach (number of smokers accessing you) and be effective (% quitting successfully-the Quit Rate) and this will have a high impact upon the prevalence rate. Quit counseling program should be developed by being based on scientific evidence and applicability in real setting. Your protocols and counseling scripts needed to operate quit counseling program must be prepared to reflect this.

Automated Data Collection and Information Management

Your information management and data collection systems (customer relationship management systems (CRM)) should reflect the underlying counseling program and protocol you are using. Your system should play a supporting role in effective counseling practice, counseling history management, and counseling data management. In addition, this counseling monitoring system should support and allow important research and evaluation processes.

Core Dataset (Minimal dataset)

Core dataset would be included as following the items; reason for calling, awareness of quit-line, call frequency (first time or repeat caller), reason to quit smoking, intention to stop smoking, past quit experience, caller’ s demographic characteristics, assessment for tobacco use - ever smokers, length of time as a smoker, regular smokers, assessment for nicotine dependence, Quitline result and etc.