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Promoting evidence based quiline services across diverse communities in korea

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Understanding Environment

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The Quitline service should consider the national/local socio-cultural context about tobacco use, and fit with the tobacco policy in each country (WHO FCTC).

The Quitline should be culturally, linguistically and socially sensitive as the service needs of Quitline users may be varied by ethnicity, gender, spiritual values, disability, age, economic, social or health status, or any other ground. Especially, since social norms toward tobacco use have a big influence on smoking behavior and this can vary with gender and age. Your Quitline service should be provided after a comprehensive consideration of social-cultural environment about tobacco use in your country.

However, the important thing is that a Quitline should exploit each contact to motivate and encourage smokers to quit in all encounters with the Quitline - remember that even a hoax call or an abusive call is a “cry for help”.