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Pharmacist based program

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A community pharmacy provides an excellent setting in which to provide a smoking cessation program, as the pharmacy would have regular contact with residents of the area. Personnel in community pharmacies can be a source of information and support for people trying to quit smoking. They also have a role in the smoking cessation treatment because nicotine replacement therapy, an effective cessation pharmacotherapy, is available direct to smokers via the pharmacy without prescription in many countries. People also come to pharmacies with GP issued prescriptions for bupropion, varenicline and NRT to help them quit.

Evidence supports the wider provision of smoking cessation through community pharmacies. It has been shown that pharmacists can play a role in offering counseling to smokers, that health promotion advice on smoking cessation from trained community pharmacists is valued by their customers, that community pharmacists who counsel patients can improve smoking cessation rates, that a pharmacist-based smoking cessation program can improve the health-related quality of life of patients during their cessation attempt and that pharmacy interventions can be cost-effective.