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Promoting evidence based quiline services across diverse communities in korea

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Ensuring Resources

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Before establishing the Quitline service, government policy for tobacco cessation, available resource for infrastructure setting, and availability of communication networks for service delivery should be evaluated and explored. Asian Pacific Network Quitlines members can provide valuable information and advice on funding and how to raise support and funds locally.

Ultimately, the will and support of the local/national government to provide the Quitline service is essential in running a sustainable, high reach and quality Quitline.

Generally, before setting up a Quitline you should plan and have the resources needed for a call-system (your national carriers can advise), a call management program, and trained counselors including operating manager or coordinator. The accessibility of your service via telephone at national level should be identified to cater for regional variations including mobile phone.

Ensure that your call system is robust and has been tested prior to launch and it can take the use stress including a bug-free hardware and call management program. Most importantly, your staff should be trained up to use the telephone system and the management must know how to handle any failure in the system.

The counseling protocol and training of counselors should be well advanced prior to launch to attain the quality of Quitline service planned.

In order to generate calls, you must have a well developed communication plan that covers all aspects of social marketing within it. Quitline publicity should be adapted to compliment the service delivery.