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Measuring Effects

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In Quitline, the effect of promotional activity like advertising and public relation is immediately identified by the increase in the number of inbound calls. The feedback is provided immediately and audience perception gauged accurately. Therefore, before starting the advertising and public relations campaign using mass media, you need several strategies to measure this feedback. The result of feedback about advertising and public relations should be formally recorded and well documented. The effect of public relation may be measured by continuously monitoring of the number of inbound call.

Several methods may be used to evaluate the campaign. Random digit-dial telephone surveys can be used to estimate advertising reach (how many people remember seeing a commercial or are aware of the Quitline number). Analysis of Quitline call volume during selected ad flights or other promotions will indicate how many people took action after seeing a commercial, reading a newspaper story, or attending an event. Finally, the intake questionnaire can include a question asking callers how they heard about the Quitline, which will help track the effect of paid advertising as well as outreach and public relations efforts.