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Promoting evidence based quiline services across diverse communities in korea

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Service Rationale

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Evidence is now well established for operation of Quitlines. Continual involvement of researchers, operators, & policy makers makes Quitline service more accessible, useful and effective for smokers who want to quit. For more convenient and efficient service delivery, these items as below might be considered before service.

Understanding external conditions

  • Needs of communities served (Public health needs)
  • Available resources
  • Other external support (organizational governmental or political)
  • Cultural mores

Scope and methods of service

  • Population served (type of user - segment age, gender, ethnicity, product used etc)
  • Type of service provided (counseling , NRT , pharmacotherapy, referrals)
  • Type of means for service delivery (telephone, web-service, internet chatting, etc)

Enhancement of service

  • Recording and monitoring of services
  • Service evaluation and feedback
  • Monitoring user needs and satisfaction